EnCoRe - Ensuring Consent & Revocation

Lead Participant: Hewlett - Packard Limited


The lack of flexible and intuitive controls over the use and sharing of personal data is limiting the adoption of web, government and cloud services by citizens and consumers. EnCoRe provides user-friendly, reliable, privacy management capabilities in the form of dynamic consent to address this need.
Although notions of consent are given much lip service, all too often consent is presented as a one-time, take it or leave it option. The challenges faced by EnCoRe were therefore to provide reliable and enforceable privacy options that integrate across organisational boundaries and legal and legacy systems. EnCoRe’s innovative solution is the provision of dynamic consent capabilities that enable both data subjects to easily give and revoke their consent and organisations to enforce it.
EnCoRe is in its exploitation phase. Project members have discussions with various parties (nationally and internationally) about rolling out dynamic consent capabilities and associated products and services (e.g. regulatory oversight mechanisms, risk assessment methods). In addition, the partners are disseminating the results of the research in academic and industry publications.


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