Syner-D - Integration of Synergistic Cost Effective CO2 Technologies for Diesel

Lead Participant: Ricardo UK Limited


The Syner-D project is a collaborative group working on the technologies and software required to significantly reduce the CO2 output and enhance the performance feel of a premium brand diesel passenger car.
It will meet future worldwide emissions standards by use of engine and aftertreatment technologies. The partner contributions have further extended the knowledge of the benefits and constraints these respective technologies offer. Deploying these technologies into future mainstream programmes will bring a major competitive advantage to the project members.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ricardo UK Limited, United Kingdom £1,908,846 £ 953,842


Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £676,038 £ 334,504
Lontra Limited, SOUTHAM £225,453 £ 112,613
Shell Research Limited £133,512 £ 66,756
Skf (U.K) Limited, BEDFORDSHIRE £343,782 £ 168,625
Valeo Engine Cooling UK Limited, REDDITCH £335,815 £ 167,908


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