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Driving energy reductions in industry
through behavior change
The Energy Project provides a series of tools to
help drive energy use reductions in industrial
environments through lightweight prompts to
behaviour change. In contrast to standard
approaches based on automating opportunities
that are identified (often at high cost) our approach
is to drive savings through prompting greater levels
of worker engagement in energy use, creating self
sustaining solutions. The interventions deployed
are based on low cost re-deployable modules
focused on opportunities identified by the workers
in initial workshops.
• live deployments at UK factory
• driving employee engagement
• fast to deploy
• low cost modular system
• adaptable for offices / factories
The technology developed has been designed to
be adaptable and flexible for a variety of industrial
building types, factories / warehouses and offices.
The central display module incorporates a GPRS
connection to our database backend, which
supports a sophisticated data analysis interface
and rule driven alerts engine.
The backend server allows web access to the team
displays and our custom 3D energy viewer, an
innovation that allows an instant overview of the
energy status across a site.


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