Connect Business - Toolkits for Assisted Living

Lead Participant: Hoip Consulting Ltd


The TSB Assisted Living Innovation Programme (ALIP) projects that have completed or are currently underway have demonstrated how inexpensive, commodity-based services and devices could support older people, those with long-term conditions and their care networks. As an example, the DAP "Anywhere Anytime" project uses commercial products (Cloud services/HealthVault) which use open interfaces to support large scale services. The DAP Connect project, a third round ALIP project, aims to build on these previous ALIP projects to develop unbranded Assisted Living (AL) services or tools that can be downloaded from an online store, a "toolbox", from which service providers in the private, public and third sectors can select services to rebrand for their own use. The DAP Connect project will investigate the potential business and revenue models open to organisations who are new to the assisted living market who wish to provide services to the informal and statutory care markets. Multiple marketing and care co-ordination benefits will arise from connection of a full range of services through sharing a common framework and data store. The project will examine a range of branding, subscription, usage and licensing models and explore their cultural and social impact. The project will test the scalability of deploying AL service models in real-life, at scale. The project will also test the contractual/ procedural and accreditation processes of bringing together services in a common framework or toolbox to small and medium sized enterprises to generate innovative add-on services.




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