Schools: Loxford School (A) + Brine Leas Sixth Form (B)

Lead Participant: Ahr Architects Limited


The project title
Loxford School (A) + Brine Leas Sixth Form (B)
The project description
This project will be looking at two schools; Loxford and Brine Leas which were completed on site at similar times. They have been chosen as case studies to maximise evaluation study opportunities as they both have some similar aspects as well as some good contrasting qualities. Although different in capacity, both are recently completed and designed by Aedas, under the Design & Build procurement route. In both cases the client and design team were heavily involved as part of the design and building process and they will be looking to understand how their building supports learning excellence and how they can improve the building's performance and emissions in operation as a result of our evaluation. Both buildings are currently going through a final defects period and there is an opportunity for our research team to assist the school and contractor in focusing efforts in areas that would bring most long-term benefit. Both case study buildings offer potential for replication of lessons learned.
The project participants
Aedas Architects
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Ahr Architects Limited




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