Pool Innovation Centre (A) and Tremough Innovation Centre (B)

Lead Participant: Ahr Architects Limited


The project title
Pool Innovation Centre (A) and Tremough Innovation Centre (B)
The project description
Pool and Tremough Innovation Centres are part of the wider development of business incubation in Cornwall. They have been procured by the same client with a near identical brief and have been delivered by the same design team but by different contractors. Pool was completed in May 2010 while Tremough started on site in Nov 2010. The buildings offer a great opportunity for a ‘compare and contrast’ study to understand how these innovation centres support new businesses by comparing their performance, gather occupant feedback on comfort and usability and seeing how they can improve and reduce their emissions in operation - in the case of Tremough, lessons learned from Pool could feed into its execution, particularly with regard to the handover. These evaluations offer the potential for future projects to benefit from lessons learned. Lessons learned will also inform Aedas’ design approach and drive to achieve low-carbon performance in use.
The project participants
Aedas Architects
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Ahr Architects Limited £76,953 £ 76,953


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