Development of Advanced Wing Solutions (DAWS)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


The DAWS project will explore and evaluate a range of innovative wing concepts (including the use of folding wing tips to allow for greater wing span), needed to significantly improve the performance of future generations of commercial aircraft. With ever increasing awareness of environmental concerns, reducing environmental impact in a commercially sustainable way is now the priority challenge facing the aviation sector. However, such aircraft can only be delivered if the design tools and processes used to develop them are similarly transformed. DAWS will deliver a selection of innovative design and validation processes needed to support the wing development activities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £13,717,302 £ 5,588,429


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £899,590 £ 899,590
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £749,766 £ 749,766
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £749,998 £ 749,998
International Technegroup Limited, SWAVESEY CAMBRIDGE £498,554 £ 249,277
Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £600,014 £ 300,007
Cfms Services Limited, BRISTOL £1,457,965 £ 728,982


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