Torch 2

Lead Participant: Unimaq Ltd


Most of the plastic manufactured has been discarded as waste, causing environmental and social damage of €2.2 trillion/yr and pollutes the oceans whereas aluminium has a high recycling rate that for beverage cans, is 49.8% in the US compared to 29.2% for plastic (PET) and 26.4% for glass. Bloomberg reports that Nestle SA and Unilever have announced plans to make packaging recyclable or reusable and Coca-Cola will package its Dasani water brand into aluminium cans.

With high-speed canning lines producing up to 2,400 cans/minute 24/7 even small improvements in efficiencies and material downgauging can generate significant savings. Unimaq and Innoval will work together on this project to develop a novel process which promises significant improvements in can body manufacturing efficiencies. In conducting this project Unimaq will partner with Innoval Technology who have specific expertise in aluminium metallurgy and the thermo-mechanical processing of can making alloys.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Unimaq Ltd, WREXHAM £245,500 £ 171,850


Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £78,800 £ 39,416


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