Quantum Electro-Optic Detector Technology (QuEOD)

Lead Participant: Photon Force Ltd


The QuEOD project brings together academic and industrial partners to break through the technology barriers for novel types of time-resolved SWIR detectors and pave the way forwards for UK sovereign supply and leadership. It will to develop a unique supply chain and engage in commercial exploitation for both CMT and GaSb detector technologies for next generation quantum technology applications. Industrial partners include Photon Force (project leader), Leonardo, ArQIT, IQE and QLM. Academic partners are Heriot Watt University, Cardiff University and Sheffield University, and RTO - Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Photon Force Ltd, Edinburgh £1,283,191 £ 898,234


Leonardo UK Ltd, London £211,048 £ 105,524
Iqe Plc, CARDIFF £503,218 £ 251,609
Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Limited, Cardiff £150,279 £ 150,279
Qlm Technology Ltd, Chelmsford £213,145 £ 149,201
Cardiff University, United Kingdom £417,899 £ 417,899
Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom £93,710 £ 93,710
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £141,945 £ 141,945
Arqit Ltd, London £366,416 £ 256,491


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