Respirator Mask (RM) with Self User Fit Test & Tracking Capabilities

Lead Participant: Ldt Design Limited


The problem we wish to solve is a major problem that has emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic and it specifically addresses the fit, comfort, distribution and compliance fit of face respirators for front line healthcare professionals. Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) i.e. FFP3 and facial protection, must be considered when a patient is admitted with a known/suspected infectious agent/disease spread wholly by the airborne or droplet route.

Our vision is to allow all NHS workers and Healthcare professionals globally to have a newly designed respirator mask (RM) that can be easily fitted and removed, provides a better seal to the face and is comfortable to wear for longer. The main aim of this project is to allow the users to fit test the RM themselves and log the user and Health and Safety Information directly onto a digital database in real time. Current fit test procedures are very time consuming which leads to inefficiencies in getting a correctly fitted RM to users and the current paper-based method of logging fit test information is an antiquated inefficient process.

By providing the user with a new RM, simple test feature and mobile application-based procedure for the fit testing the respirator mask we believe it will improve efficiencies within the NHS and allow healthcare professionals more regular control of their safety in the workplace. The instant fit test feedback will give reassurance to users that they are protected in the best way possible. The data logged by the RM system will be Health and Safety information for an individual and information about where that piece of equipment is in use to help manage stock and distribution of product.

The project is split into three main areas:

The Respirator Mask Design - This will be a new design using materials that can better form a seal to different face shapes and sizes, improve comfort and make the RM easier to put on and remove.

The Seal Test Feature - Will integrate into the respirator and have electronic hardware built into it to log face seal integrity and provide fit approval measurements before a member of staff can start their shift. This information will be pushed to a mobile application. The Mobile Application - Will take the user through the fit test procedure and also log the seal pressure test and ultimately identify if they are suitably protected for their shift.

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Ldt Design Limited, YORK £49,812 £ 49,812


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