Integrated mobile indemnity passport platform

Lead Participant: Logifect Limited


The lockdown is having chronic consequences across the board; for the general population, to the companies they work for, and across all industrial and government sectors, and also for the government itself and the future economic prosperity of the country.

As we move forward, after medical evidence shows that we can begin to return to a healthy life, it is vital that testing is massively stepped up. Otherwise, we are taking giant steps in the dark. We require testing from PCR, rapid testing and antibody testing. We have no way of knowing (apart from NHS 111 data and some calls to GPs), how many have had symptoms of infection. We also at present have no way of comparing those with and without symptoms, with or without test results. Achieving the above also begins to indicate those individuals who are symptomatic and asymptomatic. All this data informs us of the history of each patient in respect of tests and symptom history, but to be practical, it incorporates the track and trace. We need to provide a trusted platform, and comprehensive app starting with ultra-secure user verification and authentication, A single clinical repository, that uses open, interoperable standards, and has a range of relevant features including track and trace in one easy to use the application on both apple and android. It must be massively scalable and must have a simple means of certificate validation.

Only by deploying the right architecture is it possible to deliver an easy to use indemnity passport that can be fully trusted. Logifect has all the elements to rapidly build such a platform.

The government rapidly changed their expectation in July about antibody tests and mass testing. This was born out of the antibody tests not meeting clinical acceptance as a reliable source of information about antibodies for assured immunity. Also, because of the infrequency of PCR tests and the long delays in people receiving their results. As a result, Logifect decided to change their original approach to immunity passports. They decided to concentrate on post-vaccination immunity which is more reliable in respect of both immunity and infectiousness. It also allowed us to more readily have a single source of vaccination data.

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