User Experience Profiles (UXP): Profiling the psychology of websites

Lead Participant: Ux Profile Limited


Enhancing people’s experience with websites ultimately leads to direct business gains for
website owners. Our project is meeting the massively growing demand to measure and
improve this User Experience (UX). However, the challenge lies in actually ‘measuring’ such
experiences. This is notoriously difficult, time consuming, and involves costly researchers and
practitioners. Nevertheless, state of the art academic research has now revealed insights into
the nature of User Experience. These insights have led us to a radically innovative approach to
this problem where we use advanced algorithms to provide a direct handle on the
psychological aspects of websites, which can then be used to create User Experience Profiles
(UXP), akin to a ‘DNA profile’. In essence, our benchmarking service will have a disruptive
impact on the UX research and testing market by enabling a significant increase in automation
and lowering costs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ux Profile Limited, FARNHAM £39,450 £ 23,670


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