Yatterbox Dashboard - Proof of Market Prototype


Yatterbox is a political social media website that aims to make it easier for users to follow
what politicians are publishing online. Yatterbox currently collects and archives all the social
media output from politicians in the UK and USA (this includes Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,
YouTube and RSS Feeds). This content is then presented in a single feed which is freely
available to users regardless of whether they use social media. This content can be viewed on
the following sites: www.yatterbox.co.uk (UK) and www.yatterbox.com (USA).
Yatterbox intends to offer a Political Social Media Intelligence Dashboard functionality in its
website to allow users to analyse the social media output of politicians. This Dashboard will
provide users with a series of new services allowing them to search dynamically through the
database of content collected, track trends and themes, follow specific lists of politicians
based on their interests and create reports through a data-analytics system. Yatterbox intends
to build Version 1 of this Dashboard and market test it in order to prove the market for a full
functional version.
The project will be potentially beneficial to people in that it will allow all users to hold the
government and policy makers to account. Furthermore, it will bring economic benefits to
individuals and businesses in that it will allow users to monitor economic policy and
understand its impact on the economy and business environment. It will also be socially
beneficial in that it will contribute to the government’s vision of a ‘Big Society’ by making
Politics far more accessible, both at the local and the national level, to people who find social
media hard to access through socially constructed barriers to entry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Uk Social Data Services Limited, YORK £42,000 £ 25,000


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