Market Evaluation Of Very Low Dose Glucagon (VLDG) For The Treatment Of Insulin-induced Nocturnal Hypoglycaemia

Lead Participant: Arecor Limited


Arestat™ is Arecor’s protein stabilization technology. The application of Arestat™ to
glucagon, a drug used in the treatment of hypoglycaemia in emergency situations, has allowed
the development of a novel aqueous dose of glucagon. The current marketed versions of
glucagon are lyophilized powders requiring reconstitution prior to administration. These
presentations are not in the correct format to be used as Very Low Dose Glucagon (VLDG)
for the treatment of nocturnal hypoglycaemia which requires automated administration of a
liquid dose in small quantities. The incidence of nocturnal hypoglycaemia in insulindependent
Type I diabetics is high, however, there are no VLDG products on the market to
treat this condition. Arecor, therefore, are considering utilizing their novel aqueous
formulation of glucagon to develop a VLDG product to address the market need. A market
research study which engages opinion leaders in the field is urgently required to ascertain the
technical feasibility and commercial potential of a VLDG product.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arecor Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £25,000 £ 15,000


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