Proof of Market Assessment for an Intra- Operative Molecular Imaging Camera

Lead Participant: Lightpoint Medical Ltd


Each year, 45,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 12,000 people will die from the disease. Surgery is the primary treatment option for breast cancer, yet for 1 in 5 patients the tumor will recur following surgery. Cancerous tissue hidden in the borders of the tumor resection is the the main contributor to tumor recurrence following surgery. Consequently, there is a tremendous medical need to give surgeons better tools to detect cancerous tissue during surgery.
Artemis Diagnostics LTD is developing a novel intra-operative molecular imaging video
camera that will enable surgeons to "see" cancerous tissue in real-time during the operation and guide the resection accordingly. The camera can detect molecular signatures of cancer, thereby extending the diagnostic range of the surgeon's vision. Being able to see cancerous tissue during the operation will enable the surgeon to perform more accurate tumor resections. This will lessen the likelihood of tumor recurrence while preserving healthy tissue. In this market research project, we will collect surgeons' feedback on the camera device to refine the system design, estimate the adoption rate, and determine which surgical cases would most benefit from the technology.

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