Foregn object detection (FOD)

Lead Participant: Navtech Radar Limited


Navtech’s vision is to use its leading edge radar technology to save lives by improving safety
and security. This project focuses on the investigation of the runway and highway debris
detection market
Foreign objects (FO) represent a major safety risk for the aviation industry as well as a
significant cost in maintenance, estimated at $12 billion every year worldwide. Thus, airports
are considering deploying systems to automatically detect the presence of small objects on
runways and taxiways to prevent accidents and reduce both costs
and risks.
Road accidents caused by FO also cause many accidents and create costs.
Navtech Radar develops commercial high resolution scanning radar and needs pertinent
before deciding whether to develop and sell a sensor for this market. The project will analyse
the market conditions, in terms of existing solutions and investment trends. It will also test
Navtech’s available radar technology to understand its current ability to detect small objects
in order to specify the improvements needed to be able to compete in the market.

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