'DAISEE' from 3-Sci Ltd' : A DecadeAutonomy, Integral Sensor, Easy-fit, Extreme distance communication network.

Lead Participant: 3-Sci Ltd


DAISEE from 3-Sci Ltd is a long-life, extreme-distance, wireless communication system
comprised of a series of miniature, autonomous transceivers. DAISEE can communicate over
distances from metres to tens or hundreds of kilometres - unlike existing, power-hungry,
'mesh' networks there is no limit to the numbers of transceivers that can be used. Each
interchangeable DAISEE transceiver is capable of carrying its own sensors, as needed for any
specific application, so relevant environmental data can be obtained from any point in the
communication network. Third party sensors can be added 'at will'. DAISEE does not need
obtrusive solar power units or small wind-generators - the typical lifetime of a DAISEE
transceiver will approach ten years.
This innovation arises because of the teams' experience in developing new, autonomous
sensor networks. Significant focus on low-energy electronics and our ability to create new
communication protocols for a very wide range of system physical configurations enables
these advances. Many key technology elements have been addressed and this Proof of Market
study will feed into specific design considerations for a field-testable prototype for selected
applications. Where possible, a common design will be derived to meet as many market sector
needs as possible.
DAISEE therefore offers benefits over existing mesh network and Satcomms systems,
providing a low-cost, low-power option. DAISEE will be a compelling alternative to the
installation of wired-sensor systems and fibre optic sensing systems for many monitoring and
security applications. It will provide options for temporary and permanent monitoring of
remote assets, especially where a 'retrofit' monitoring capability is required in short
The 'Proof of Market' study is to verify engineering requirements of key sectors and explore
the market justification for further investment in the technology through subsequent
preparation of prototypes for field studies.

Lead Participant

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3-Sci Ltd, Lee-On-The-Solent £41,677 £ 25,001


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