Apollo mobile COVID -19 Passport ID platform

Lead Participant: The Hub Company Limited


**The Hub launch a mobile COVID -19 ID platform for NHS test certification:**

* This is a government level mobile ID security certificate issued instantly following test results to help manage the COVID-19 exit strategy & return of key staff back to work.
* The Hub software platform is called Apollo, uses government and banking backed security systems to issue both secure digital and/or physical certificates proving immunity, or non-infected or vaccine results following the COVID-19 Antibody or Antigen testing.
* Allowing non-infected and immunised key workers and members of the public to return to work faster.

**Mobile COVID-19 certificate instant issuance -** _Highly secure QR code for instant mobile issuance_

* Once the test result is confirmed by any authorised testing lab, or by the authorised tester present when the antibody test is conducted. A result of 'non-infected' or 'immune' triggers an instant highly secure QR code certificate delivered to the app or issuance of a physical certificate e.g smartcard.
* This can then be shown or scanned for verification to ensure authenticity and thus allow that key worker / member of public to return to work.
* QR Code Security Features:
* Secure algorithm dynamically changes the QR code every 20 seconds. So any copy made would only be valid for 20 seconds
* Interactive movement of security features (moving element around a screen finger touch -- so cannot be copied by screengrab or video)

**Key worker certificate verification anywhere -** _Authenticating the certificate remotly using the secure QR app_

* Once a certificate has been issued, authorised users from NHS management and other key worker organisational management can remotely use the app's built in verification system.
* Allows authorised user to scan secure QR code, systems secure algorithm checks the validity of the code and returns a confirmed / denied response.
* This ensures fraudulent certificates cannot be issued and thus authorities and management can safely allow that person back to work
* Can work both on and offline to provide remote verification anywhere.**Test certificate mission control centre** - _Central management and reporting of testing and certificate issuance_

* The Hub NHS Commander dashboard provides a centralised overview of all registrations, test results, devices & certificates issued for national and regional insights and management
* Enables the auto export and import of data in SGSS format (Second Generation Surveillance system) to HR or EPR systems.
* Complying with the mandatory standard by Public Health England for data handling with the NHS.

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The Hub Company Limited £74,448 £ 73,835


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