Hybrid, Recycled Oil Remediation Materials and Energy Conversion Method [HYOREC], EPL Composite Solutions Ltd


About 100 million gallons of oil are spilt accidently in the oceans every year as a result of oil expoloration and transportation. Oil remediation materials (sorbents), which soak up oil in preference to other liquds, are usually deployed as part of a clean up operation. Currently available sorbents are in-effcient, made from expensive virgin polymers and cannot be re-used.
This project proposes to address the issues with current materials by devloping and proving a concept of sorbents made from recycled industrial waste fibres. The project is innovative because it will research the underlying science of recycled fibre oil absorption to allow development of novel, higher performance, lower cost sorbents, tailored to end user needs. Furthermore, it will develop an innovative re-processing route to enable the re-use of used, oily materials.
The key objectives of this project are: to conduct lab analysis of recycled fibre oil absorption; to make prototype recycled sorbents using knowledge gained; test performance in line with end user and indusrty requirements to validate the concept and to develop a process for converting used, oily materials for re-use. The ultimate aim is to prove the overall concept is commercially viable.
The main benefits of this technology will be: Lower cost, higher efficiency materials, tailored to end user need; a new use for recycled industrial waste (that would normally be landfilled) and the added value of a recognised re-processing route.
The likely outomes and impacts of this project will be the creation of new manufacturing technology for recycled waste with economic and social impacts of job and wealth creation. More efficient, recycled sorbents will have several positive environmental impacts including reduction of virgin material production, prevention of landfill waste and more efficient oil spill clean up.

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