FACT Composite Manufacturing Process Research


FAC Technology is a start-up focussed on manufacturing processes for advanced composite materials. FAC Technology has developed a patented process called FACT1, which in certain instances reduces fabrication costs in the manufacture of composite products.
The FACT1 process has already been proven to work at a single-unit scale in laboratory
conditions. The business opportunity to be addressed by this project is to prove the technical feasibility of large-scale production using the FACT1 process.
This work is the critical next step to commercialising the technology.
This project will facilitate rigorous process research and development for several general composite products. FAC Technology will also create an application-specific pilot production line in order to demonstrate the commercial viability of the FACT1 process. This pilot production line will be developed by identifying and appraising the potential technologies, materials and equipment that can improve the speed, reliability, cost effectiveness and quality of the manufacturing process. By proving the technical and commercial merits of the FACT1 process, this project will derisk the technology and greatly improve the likelihood of adoption. This will hopefully lead to 3 key benefits:
1. Increased UK R&D in composites manufacturing
2. Introduction of composite materials to a wider range of previously unavailable
applications due to lower fabrication costs. Moreover, a corollary of these ‘light-weighting’ opportunities would be to reduce CO2 emissions and increase fuel efficiency
3. Increased long-term high-value manufacturing in the UK

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Fergusson's Advanced Composite Technology Limited, Albert Embankment, United Kingdom £176,392 £ 100,000


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