Proof of Concept project to prove supporting technologies for Ultra-large Composite Flywheel deployment in Energy Storage


This project focuses on the UKs growing need for energy storage solutions to support
renewable energy deployments & grid integration & to reduce strain on the national grid
during peak times as outlined in the TSB’s Energy Supply Strategy 2012 – “supporting
renewable energy deployments through energy storage developments to meet legally binding
targets for greenhouse gas reduction”. The proposed solution is to develop much larger
Composite Flywheels producing MWh’s rather than kWh’s with existing solutions. Key
objectives are to prove the technical & cost feasibility & benefits of large composite flywheel
energy storage. Through discussions with potential end-users, the commercial product
requires the following objectives/applications: Low Voltage Ride Through insensitive, VAr
management, storage efficiency, spinning reserve, Black Start, rapid response with fast
ramping & small footprint.
Project innovation is to prove the concept of an in-situ manufacturing process capable of
building composite flywheels with the quality of bond & inclusion size to support the
demands of hoop & radial stress. Further innovation is to develop a magnetic bearing
arrangement supported on a frustrated cone to centre the rotor & compensate for radial growth
during operation. The system will run in a vacuum utilising Halbach arrays to support the
flywheel weight for friction free running.
Key project benefits are to prove the concept innovations in the workshop & to complete
basic material strength trials to validate the theoretical design work & manufacturing process.
This enables EPL to develop an exploitation roadmap to further develop the technology to
build an initial prototype flywheel in conjunction with key material & systems partners. If
successful, the project contributes to the longer term goal of resolving energy storage issues in
the UK & abroad & supports the deployment of renewable energy systems & strengthening
local grid usage & stability.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Haydale Composite Solutions Limited, Loughborough £158,539 £ 93,633


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