MAGSPLIT: Vibration controller

Lead Participant: Magnomatics Limited


This project is focused on the development of a magnetic Continuously Variable
Transmission (CVT) system and specifically the project seeks to demonstrate the significant
drive train Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) reduction inherent in a Magnomatics
magnetic transmission system and subsequently validate substantial system cost savings by
deleting incumbent vibration control components in conventional drivetrains.
The magnetic CVT system is an integral part of a hybrid electric vehicle and performs the
function of a powersplit device. These systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in hybrid
vehicle drive trains where they are used ensure that the engine is operating at its maximum
efficiency at any point in the drive cycle and that the vehicle performance requirement is met.
Magnomatics has previously developed a magnetic CVT, called Magsplit. This system differs
from existing 3-rotor power split systems (i.e. those in the Toyota and Ford product range)
inasmuch as it is a 2-rotor system (input/output) with an entirely magnetic variator function.
During the course of this development at Magnomatics, a significant breakthrough was
achieved whereby the unique properties of the Magsplit, and specifically the magnetic
variator, were used to give near 100% attenuation of torsional vibration. This was measured
on a custom made dynamometer system with a synthesised vibration input. This is an
unusually important result for both Magnomatics and associated OEM, since when exploited
it will mean that the Magsplit will provide significant technical (NVH reduction) and
commercial (>$200 per vehicle by deleting the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF)) benefits.
The aim of this project is therefore to develop an engine test methodology, couple the engine
operation with the Magsplit and to develop the prototype control methods and calibration
techniques required to maximise this benefit with a view to confirming that the DMF can be
deleted and the attendant benefits realised.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £169,194 £ 100,000


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