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This project is concerned with the development of a novel rotor system for a magnetically
geared motor (Pseudo Direct Drive or PDD) to demonstrate low noise and vibration with a
clear route to manufacture. The technology is aimed at providing next generation compact,
lightweight, efficient and low noise and vibration electric motor technology to address the
growing urban and suburban rail markets. These markets include light rail, very light rail,
monorail, Airport People Movers (APMs) and Diesel Multiple Unit (DMUs). Against a
backdrop of rapidly increasing city populations (Mumbai current growth rate is 63%[1]) and
road transport, and more stringent CO2 emissions regulations across the world, modern urban
rail solutions provide an economical and environmentally sound transportation alternative,
and optimisation and rationalisation of the drivetrain is already a major focus point for
realising the attendant benefits. The advantages of the PDD have already been demonstrated
in two TSB funded projects under the LCV IDP programme with Volvo Powertrain and a
consortium including Dennis-Eagle and MIRA in which the motor demonstrated significant
efficiency and packaging advantages over existing state-of-the-art technology.
During dynamometer tests, the noise and vibration performance was found to be in need of
improvement. So far, the motors produced by Magnomatics have been in prototype quantity,
and the sub-assemblies manufactured using largely first generation designs. This project looks
to develop rotor concepts to simultaneously address the issue of noise and vibration whilst
enhancing the thermal management and production techniques through investigation of
different manufacturing approaches. The benefits are increased TRL and MRL and lower
manufacturing costs which will open up growing markets by displacing incumbent technology
such as expensive and relatively high loss gearboxes and direct drive through diesel-electric or
electric traction.

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Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £166,653 £ 99,990


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