Dynamic Boosting Systems Limited. Development of Prototype, "Modular multistage compressor for energy recovery".


Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) enables industrial processes which produce steam and have a re-use for heat to be more environmentally and cost efficient.
Up to 85% of energy stored in steam is in the form of latent heat, so energy is wasted as low temperature steam from the stack when ejected. MVR “mechanically recompresses” steam to increase its temperature, generating useful heat that contains more energy than the electricity required to compress it. The energy is used to heat e.g. the fryer or evaporator resulting in 1) lower fuel consumption, 2) operational savings and 3) a “greener” production process.
With a requirement to reduce greenhouse gases, technologies that unlock step-changes in energy efficiency are key. Processing industries account for 25% of emissions, yet 5% of associated energy is lost as waste heat. This energy is recoverable, but requires technology to make it useful again at a cost which is a profitable investment – hence a win-win for industry, government and environment.
MVR is one such enabling technology, but limitations in compressor designs currently bound the range of applications for which it is economic at the expense of CO2. MVR is a widespread concept in dairy, water desalination and concentration industries operating with higher flow rates (up to 30-100 tonnes of steam / hour). But a large opportunity exists in the many of other applications that require higher pressure increases and / or operate at lower flow rates (

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