Electric Supercharger for Automotive Engine Downsizing


This project builds on the success of (BS088J) IDP7 and seeks to bring into production the
world’s first high-performance; low-cost, electrically-driven supercharger (eSC) specifically
designed for the rapidly growing segment of small engine (ca. 1.0L) vehicles.
By 2016, it is estimated that 49% of gasoline engines will have a displacement of <1.2L and
50% of diesel engines will have a displacement of <1.3L. This segment growth is supported
by increasingly stringent regulatory emissions controls and changing consumer preference for
more economic, environmentally conscious transportation.
However, these increasingly discerning consumers also seek these downsizing enhancements
without compromise to their overall driver experience – requiring automotive OEMs to
deliver larger torque from smaller engines, particularly at low engine speeds.
Whilst engine boosting systems have become established ways to deliver an enhanced driving
experience, the technology remains problematic in several key areas important to Automotive
OEMs, particularly for small engines (e.g. engine response; impact on other car systems).
eSC is based on Dynamic Boosting System’s patented TurboClaw® technology. It has unique
design attributes that mitigate many of these performance issues, whilst also delivering
superior engine performance in accordance with downsizing objectives.
During IDP7, eSC provided a proof-of-concept, which resulted in a 20% reduction in CO2
emissions and a 31% increase in torque on a 1.0L displacement engine, compared to its single
turbocharged counterpart. These characteristics have created significant interest amongst a
number of automotive OEMs.
Building on this success, this project aims to bring eSC to market in 2018 with conservative
estimated sales of 20,000 units, generating over £500K of manufacturing licensing revenues.
By 2020, we conservatively estimate annual revenues to be £3.8m with an annualised
production of over 1m units.

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