ImmediateSense: Development of a Novel Multisense Catheter

Lead Participant: Kimal Plc


This project will develop a multi sensor catheter initially aimed at the detection of sepsis, with
further applications where the management of vital signs provides accurate diagnosis of a
Severe sepsis (where the body’s response to infection interferes with the function of vital
organs) is a major cause of morbidity & mortality, claiming 36,000 - 64,000 lives annually in
the UK. Globally, a US study estimated 3 cases to occur per 1000 population, or 20m cases
per year. Because of problems with vital organs, people with severe sepsis are likely to be
very ill, and approximately 30-50% die. There is no reliable way to prevent sepsis, and no
Timely identification and appropriate treatment of severe sepsis is critical. Lactate levels in
blood provide an indication of the level of sepsis in critically ill patients. Antibiotics are used
to lower lactate levels. Research found that over 40% of patients die if lactate clearance takes
more than 24 hours. Current treatment methodologies are time consuming involving the
taking and analysing of blood samples.
Measurement of vital signs is mandatory for all intensive care and emergency department
patients. Vital signs not only indicate the severity of illness but also dictate the urgency of
intervention. The greatest utility of vital signs is their observation over time. Deteriorating
vital signs are indicative of declining physiologic condition, while improving values provide
This project aims to develop a critical care catheter incorporating sensor technology to enable
real time monitoring of patient vital signs without the need to draw blood samples whilst
enabling the delivery of HF and other critical IV infusions. It will be specifically focused on
central venous pressure (CVP), temperature and mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2).
This project is highly innovative as currently there is no catheter on the market with a
combination of sensors to measure SvO2, CVP and temperature.

Lead Participant

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Kimal Plc, UXBRIDGE £251,756 £ 88,115


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