High Temperature Ultrasound Transducers


The aim of the project is to design, build, test and demonstrate a prototype ultrasound
transducer that can be used in structural health monitoring, flow measurement and rangefinding
applications in the temperature range 200 to 450°C. Such devices are required by the
nuclear, oil & gas, industrial controls and aerospace industries. As currently available
piezoelectric elements cannot operate beyond 250°C, the prototype will be based on a recently
developed high temperature piezoelectric ceramic proprietary to the company. The project
will identify acoustic matching and damping layers, compatible with the piezoelectric ceramic
and the proposed applications, that can withstand the temperature range of operation and will
identify techniques for making robust electrical connections to the active element. The
prototype will be tested in the context of structural health monitoring and range-finding
applications within the temperature range of interest.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd, LEEDS £214,416 £ 96,489


10 25 50