QUANTUM - A project to develop next generation RF sensor technology for high accuracy, high reliability measurements in harsh environments.

Lead Participant: Zettlex Limited


This Project will develop an innovative, next generation sensor technology. The objective is a
quantum leap in the performance of radio-frequency (RF) angle sensors - improving
measurement accuracy by a factor of 10 with zero increase in production costs. This leap
comes from the application of innovative electromagnetic concepts in combination with novel
measurement algorithms, signal processing and embedded software.
Traditional RF sensors work well in harsh environments but they lack the measurement
performance of other technologies, most notably optical encoders. Consequently, RF sensors
are effectively prevented from competing in a wide variety of high accuracy applications such
as medical scanners, CNC machine tools, radar, robotics etc. This Project will enable Zettlex
to enter these areas in an established, large and expanding global market.
The 2-year Project involves a multi-disciplinary approach covering electronic, electrical,
mechanical, production and software engineering. Importantly, Zettlex already has all the
manufacturing and sales infrastructure in place to exploit the new technology, once it is
developed. Zettlex’s current business focus is the design and manufacture of sensors for harsh
environments and so this Project is well aligned to Zettlex’s core competences and
commercial exploitation capabilities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Zettlex Limited, CAMBRIDGE £451,220 £ 203,049


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