HyFlyer II - Towards certifiable hydrogen-electric propulsion

Lead Participant: Zeroavia Ltd


With hydrogen-electric aviation as the only credible large-scale zero-carbon aviation option, the HyFlyer II project aims to take huge steps towards accelerating its adoption. It will repower an existing sub-regional airframe with a certifiable 600kW powertrain developed by ZeroAvia, integrating Aeristech's unique air compression technology. To complete the ecosystem, EMEC will provide green hydrogen and design the operational systems for fuelling at commercial airports. In setting up a unique UK supply chain, it positions the country's aviation industry for the next century of aviation - demonstrated by a 300NM zero-carbon flight of a 19-passenger aircraft at the end.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Zeroavia Ltd £18,568,588 £ 8,294,311


Aeristech Limited, KENILWORTH £3,998,635 £ 1,999,318
The European Marine Energy Centre Limited, Stromness £1,969,996 £ 1,969,996


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