A method to improve the efficiency of UV light in killing bacteria in sewag


Water treatment by UV radiation is one of the safest technologies among non-reagent disinfecting methods. But low-pressure UV lamps traditionally used for water disinfection are not effective at killing spore-forming bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and mould. Another limitation of this treatment is the build-up of salts and biological products on the protective quartz jacket of the UV lamp reducing efficacy. Our idea is to combine our unique technology with medium intensity UV. Our technology will not only kill certain pathogens, but will also work in synergy with the UV to create free radicals (e.g. ozone & Peroxide) that destroy any remaining pathogens. Our technology also prevents build-up of bio-film or salts on the UV lamp maintaining its efficacy.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Limited, BIRKENHEAD £5,000 £ 5,000


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