Dreamango IP Voucher

Lead Participant: Dreamango


Dreamango is a company set up by three young enthusiasts. In mid 2014 Dreamango plan to bring you a serious of mobile and electronic device covers that will change the industry! As a business start up we have found it difficult to manage all of the essential things we need to move forward without any financial help, other than from the three of our own life savings. We applied for a voucher to help fund the IP side of our business so that we could trademark and patent our idea. Without a patent we were facing a lot of hesitancy from potential investors and the fear of a bigger company mass producing a similar/ like for like product. Without Trademarks we felt that someone could, down the line, use what we created as something to boost their own company sales. From this evaluation we deemed that it was essential that we did everything we could to protect ourselves from these potential obstacles.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dreamango, Langside £5,000 £ 5,000


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