Better Sugars For All

Lead Participant: Cambridge Glycoscience Ltd


Sugar doesn't just makes food sweet, it plays many other import roles such as texture, aroma and browning. To this day, there are no ingredients that can faithfully and economically replace the properties of sugar in food. As a result, sugar is still used in high levels in most mainstream food products, such as cakes, chocolate and biscuits.

Sugar consumption contributes to high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes, all high-risk factors for COVID-19, leading to an increased propensity of people with these conditions developing severe illness.

Cambridge Glycoscience has developed a first of a kind plant-based, natural, lower calorie and lower glycaemic impact ingredient that can replace sugar in food in a cost competitive manner. This project with the Dupree Group at University of Cambridge will help us further improve our product making better sugars for all. This will enable manufacturers in the UK, Europe and globally to make great-tasting, nutritionally enhanced, and cleaner label products, leading to healthier populations.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cambridge Glycoscience Ltd, Cambridge £205,072 £ 164,058


University of Cambridge £87,496 £ 69,997


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