Flexi-Hex Consumer Electronics Sustainable Packaging

Lead Participant: FLEXI-HEX LTD


Flexi-Hex is an innovative new sustainable packaging system for Consumer Electronics created in response to the increasing number of e-commerce direct-to-consumer sales and the demand by Consumer Electronic companies to improve their environmental credentials by going 'plastic free' in terms of packaging. Flexi-Hex is made from recycled paper and cardboard yet is surprisingly strong and durable. The unique honeycomb design gives the packaging high compression resistance and the unique cellular structure of Flexi-Hex allows flexibility to fit irregular shapes and sizes. The honeycomb geometry is unique in that it expands to create a sleeve 35 times wider than its compressed form. Flexi-hex is also lightweight and in its compressed form takes up little storage space. The system's flexibility is pragmatic for compact lightweight portability. With public awareness around single-use plastics and the devastating effect on the marine environment at an all time high, developing a sustainable plastic free packaging system for Consumer Electronics will offer a solution to reduce the considerable amount of plastic waste companies generate and so can significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

Flexi-Hex has already developed a packaging solution for Bottles which is in operation today with many leading drinks suppliers and wholesalers.

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FLEXI-HEX LTD £105,083 £ 84,066


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