Hand Sanitisation for deployment in high pedestrian flow areas

Lead Participant: FLO-SAN LTD


The project is to complete the development, testing and piloting of a new product to facilitate hand sanitisation in high footfall locations.

Hand hygiene is now an essential and permanent public health priority.

Current Government Guidance emphasises need for **" provision of automated hand sanitisation dispensers in public places "**

Take-up rates for hand sanitation in busy high-volume areas such as train stations are negligible with survey data showing less than 0.4% of people using "stop-and-dispense" sanitisation dispensers.

Solutions in place are simply not fit for purpose.

Traditional dispensers ("stop-and-dispense") disrupt the flow of people resulting in low take up. At full utilization queues would result which are impractical to facilitate even without social distancing.

"Stop-and-dispense" machines can process between 5 and 7 people per minute with a socially distanced queue requirement. A London Underground ticket gate can process over 45 people per minute.

The proposed project is to complete the development and testing of a unique product specifically designed for high people-flow environments. The key product design objectives are:

\* Process people at the same rate as a London Underground ticket barrier

\* Allow both hands to be sanitised without stopping, even if carrying a bag or phone.

\* Reduce wastage and overuse of sanitation chemicals by dispensing a consistent measure of water-based sanitiser in the most efficient manner possible

\* Eliminate use of single use plastic containers that are used in "stop-and-dispense" solutions.

The project has significant sustainability benefits incuding reduction of chemical wastes and, reduction of single use plastic containers.

The broader secondary market opportunities are significant, the UK has in excess of 50,000 Universities, Schools, Sports Facilities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres and major Supermarkets with foot flow levels exceeding 15.2 Bn/year.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

FLO-SAN LTD £92,634 £ 74,107


BRITISH ENGINES (UK) LIMITED £212,729 £ 170,183


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