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The Covid-19 pandemic has accentuated the Climate Emergency and the need for a Green Recovery, accelerating the requirement for the business world to de-carbonise and become more environmentally sustainable; whilst also enabling landowners to transform their agricultural and land management practices.

Climate Solutions Exchange Ltd (CS-Ex) aims to break down the current barriers to entry and democratise the voluntary carbon markets, by enabling the accurate and affordable measurement of carbon sequestration, rather than the costly processes and systems currently in place, which are based on models and assumptions.

CS-Ex's aim is to significantly increase quantities of carbon brought to the voluntary market and help satisfy the increasing demand for carbon offsetting. Through the use of technology, CS-Ex intends to turn carbon offsetting MRV from 'Monitoring, Reporting & Verification' into '_MEASUREMENT_, Reporting & Verification'.

The project will achieve this by setting up 'Carbon Observatory' sites at woodland planting, regenerative farming and peatland restoration projects in the UK. The sites will have their carbon levels measured and calibrated by satellite and drone Earth Observation (EO), machine learning (ML), and ground based measurements techniques.

By successfully measuring carbon, CS-Ex intends to enable: the measurement, monitoring and audit of land managers' Natural Capital production; the sale of measured carbon; and the planning of wider Natural Capital interventions.

Reacting to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, key drivers of this project are: the latent opportunities presented by the potential 'circular carbon economy' that can assist the rural sector in recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic with new income streams from Natural Capital payments; establishing new highly skilled jobs in remote sensing EO technologies; and to de-risk the potential impact of a second Covid wave by enabling remote sensing technology to deliver the monitoring results needed without the need for significant people movement between survey sites.

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FOLARITY LTD £137,896 £ 110,317
REVEL INNOVATION LTD £163,138 £ 130,510


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