World-first communication platform that opens up new capabilities in video conferencing to connect with AR and VR devices

Lead Participant: Simply Video Ltd


Simply Video (Simply) is a rapidly developing UK-based SME that was founded by George Sims, Chris Dinsdale, and Alex Deighton. Currently, traditional 2D video conferencing platforms and augmented and virtual reality platforms do not support cross-communications. This slows down users' ability to communicate, resolve issues, or design and sell large or complex items. Simply is creating a world's first communication platform that opens up new capabilities in the video conferencing sector. This solution is projected to deliver workforce enablement and training efficiencies that are 33% more than the offerings of traditional video conferencing platforms. Thus, Simply's innovative video platform enables communication in new worlds.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Simply Video Ltd £339,415 £ 174,256


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