Moodsonic: world-class software to generate soundscapes that enhance wellbeing, productivity and enjoyment in workplaces

Lead Participant: The Sound Agency Limited


Moodsonic is a range of innovative biophilic soundcapes, scientifically designed to enhance wellbeing and productivity. These sounds are generated in real-time by computer so they do not irritate by repetition; they can help reduce distraction by masking unwanted speech, and they deliver all the proven benefits of beautiful nature sound for health and wellbeing. They can help people returning to work in the post-COVID world by reducing anxiety.

This project is to remove the bespoke hardware element that has been needed to date, rewriting the software to run on industry-standard servers, which will widen the market and speed up growth dramatically.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

The Sound Agency Limited £94,988 £ 94,988


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