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Sociability is an award-winning, London-based start-up empowering social inclusion through better accessibility information. We empower people with accessibility needs, whether disabled, elderly or pushing a pram, to access the world around them by providing detailed and reliable accessibility information for local venues and shops.

We know that accessibility needs aren't binary. They change between people and between contexts, depending on where, why and with whom you're going somewhere. That's why Sociability doesn't use false binaries like 'accessible' or 'inaccessible' to describe venues. Designed by disabled people, for disabled people, our pioneering accessibility framework gives users the right information to decide what accessible means to them.

Through our mobile and web platform, we combine crowdsource data from users with direct inputs from venue partners. By working with users and venues, only Sociability can deliver high quality and quantity of information to fully empower users to make the right decisions.

Our project helps UK hospitality and retail businesses better serve disabled & elderly customers, and their family & friends, in a novel strategy to deliver social and economic impact. We are building a Sociability Business Platform to empower UK businesses to quickly, easily & accurately publish detailed accessibility information for their store(s) -- independently and at scale. This, in turn, will empower disabled & elderly customers to assess the accessibility & safety of destinations in advance, giving them peace of mind to explore their communities and enjoy greater social inclusion.

Covid-19 has devastated the UK hospitality & retail sectors, and left millions of disabled & elderly people wondering about how they will safely navigate the growing uncertainty of a reopening society. Sociability will empower disabled & elderly customers to socialise and shop with confidence, by having peace of mind that their destination is accessible & safe. Our Business Platform will similarly empower UK hospitality & retail businesses to communicate detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information directly to their disabled & elderly customers in real-time. Through our platform, any business will be able to rapidly register online, update its venue profile and respond directly to customer feedback in real-time. Our existing mobile app and desktop site will ensure that the right customers have access to the right local information

By partnering with local stores, Sociability can upskill them in disability access & inclusion best practice, ensure that they properly understand the needs, habits and preferences of their disabled customers and, perhaps most importantly, be as accessible and inclusive as possible to ensure they maximise new customers during this all important economic reopening.

Sociability is a passionate, talented and focused team combining a profound social mission with user-led product development, thoughtful technological solutions and robust business practice. As a disabled-led organisation, we are well-respected, well-prepared and well-positioned to empower greater social inclusion through better accessibility information.

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