Personal aerial mobility system for onshore and offshore wind O&M sector.

Lead Participant: Maverick Aviation Ltd


Maverick Aviation Ltd was set up to develop personal air mobility systems (colloquially known as Jetpacks). Exploiting turbine propulsion technology and materials science to disrupt mobility markets in support of engineering challenges, first responders, rescue services, defence and security, and other niche mobility applications.

Maverick is developing a wearable system that allows the operator to reach inaccessible physical objectives over land and water in disaster relief or rescue operations; and also to enable engineers to access elevated or remote critical national infrastructure for maintenance and repairs. This project is to conduct pioneering research and manufacture of a safe working prototype. Maverick's experienced team of aerospace engineers, control systems engineers, pioneering aviators, and business leaders have the expertise to take this emerging innovation from concept to commercial success.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Maverick Aviation Ltd £97,143 £ 97,143


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