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The vision is to establish the Open Data Institute (ODI) as a world-leading centre to innovate, exploit and research the opportunities for the UK created by the Government’s Open Data policy.
The ODI is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and as such will become the ‘go to’ venue for those countries, companies, institutions and other bodies seeking to understand Open Data (OD), overcome the challenges of publishing OD, make commercial gain from OD and employ the best technologies to ensure OD is exploited in the best possible way.
The aim is to build on the enviable position the UK already holds in the publishing of data and to ensure that over the coming years that position is consolidated and strengthened.
The ODI will be based in Shoreditch, East London and will demonstrate the commercial value of Open Government Data and the impact of OD policies on the realisation of this value. It will also develop the capability of UK businesses to exploit this value, with support from University researchers. It will help the public sector use its own data more effectively and engage with developers, the private and public sector to build supply chains and commercial outlets for public data. It will foster and train a generation of OD entrepreneurs. It will help secure and commission research in underpinning OD technologies and serve to benchmark OD initiatives not only in the UK but around the world

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