SAFEHOUSE - LoRa IOT deplyment at scale


Secure Sensor Innovative Design (SSID) was set up as a company to address affordable retrofit of Internet Of Things (IOT) at scale using the Low Power Radio (LoRA) free spectrum to gather “Big Data” at the most granular level in the community and supply this to complementary companies to analyse and use to benefit the citizen by giving them a better and healthier quality of life and allowing smart options based on the advice of many organisations such as energy, healthcare and local government services. SSID has teamed up with Liverpool City Council, Building Research Establishment (BRE), Stream Technologies (LoRA network provider) and Grove Group (Analysers of large data) to address the problem of harvesting IOT granular data, in a cost effective (typically 2% of equivalent GSM network costs) and trusted manner using a Low Power Radio (LoRA)network. To enable IOT application at scale you need to have a cheap secure LoRA endpoint that can be customised for the end user’s requirements with the ability to alter / add to its functionality remotely by registering new sensors on the network, and have a reliable, low cost, monthly fee. SSID has developed such data aggregator called SAFEHOUSE, which is a patent pending product that has been designed as the backbone of deployment of the IOT. SAFEHOUSE is a secure network data concentrator, that connects to the LoRa network. It represents a “unit” in the IOT, giving a shop / apartment / house / room an identity on the SAFEHOUSE network, registering a geographic position (in 3 dimensions) and from the base unit gathering temperature / humidity / electricity status / Carbon Dioxide and is alterted when smoke / carbon monoxide alarms are tested or set off. Multiple other sensors can be connected and the SAFEHOUSE unit allows a whole range of applications to be made using the granular data collected and maintained by the SAFEHOUSE cloud data repository. The major issue with IOT services is that no one company can deliver the complete IOT solution, so partnerships have to be formed of organisations to deliver this type of service at scale and affordablity to Local Authorities and private companies. This project will look at how a city, such as Liverpool, would ultise a LoRA IOT network to deliver better and new services to users cost effectively and the business cases for the commercial partners.

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