Commercialising the OneTRANSPORT Data Broker Service



oneTRANSPORT is an innovative Smart City initiative which utilises an infrastructure system and service delivery platform to enable Local Authorities to collaborate with private businesses and non-commercial organisations in tackling modern urban challenges such as the support of ageing populations, increasing urban densities, changes in the ways we live and work, rising service expectations and climate change. oneTRANSPORT is believed to be the world’s first data marketplace for live, multi-modal and multi-system transport data, built around the “oneM2M” international standard for internet-of-things systems. Through compliance with this standard, the system adopts open interfaces and a modular architecture that can scale to support large national and international deployments whilst preventing vendor-lock-in. Originally conceived in 2013, the oneTRANSPORT initiative has been collaboratively developed from concept to pre-commercial trials by a consortium of 11 organisations : InterDigital Europe (technology platform provider), Arup (transport experts), Buckinghamshire County Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Northamptonshire county council and Highways England (Local Authorities and use-case owners), Clearview Intelligence and World Sensing (sensor providers), Traak and Imperial College London (data analytics) and with strong support and sponsorship from innovateUK. This FOAK project will commercialise the innovations developed by the oneTRANSPORT initiative, enabling Local Authorities to open & trade their data assets with private industry, academia and other public bodies across the UK. Initially focused on multi-modal transport opportunities, this national infrastructure will enable start-ups, new entrants, SMEs and existing big players to bring a new wave of innovative integrated transport services and applications that address Local Authority priorities and drive end-user behavioral change. Creating this new transport data marketplace with innovative business models will generate new UK jobs and UK economic growth, especially amongst SMEs who have the skills and agility to build innovative new data-centric services and applications to address urban challenges.

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