The Deployment of an Intelligent Vehicle Optimisation Kit (IVOK)

Lead Participant: Delta Motorsport Limited


The connected car segment of the car manufacturing industry is growing at a rate 10x the industry average. Connected car functions typically include music/audio playing, smartphone apps, navigation, roadside assistance, voice commands, contextual help/offers, parking apps, engine controls and car diagnosis. The sector is project to grow and investment is growing. However, with increased uptake of connected cars (45% AGR), there is also an increased demand for safety (90% of road accidents is caused by human error) and greater efficiency. With an increasing number of fatalities and accidents resulting from poor driver utilisation of optimised vehicles, the demand for driver assisted optimisation is at its highest level. While connected cars have marked a significant improvement in automotive innovation (10x faster than industry average), there is still a significant gap and this revolves around driver reaction. This project seeks to deploy IVOK (a completely novel intelligent cloud based vehicle optimisation kit for use as a highly efficient, innovative and safe connected transport element). Our technology utilises vehicle connectivity and cloud based artificial intelligence to deliver improved efficiency, safety and customer experience through interaction between the on-vehicle systems, the cloud and the driver community. This innovative project will be based on V2X communications, using data acquisition and cloud-based analysis. The successful exploitation of the technology will result in cumulative revenue of £260m after 6 years in the market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £48,800 £ 48,800


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