ProAccel (Producivity Accelerator)


The ProAccel platform provides a cost and risk free solution for enhancing the productivity of UK-based businesses. The platform offers a unique business-centric and community-driven environment to de-risk the business case for adopting improvements and agile developments. Users can freely undertake tailored and business-orientated investigations into adopting productivity changes, in a safe and risk-free manner. This is achieved by using intelligent impact forecasting and collating up-to-date information on known successful productivity improvements. To achieve this, the modular cloud-based platform is underpinned by the latest computer science research, where advanced machine learning and gamification techniques play a role in revolutionising the way information is shared and productivity enhancements are tested. By using these techniques, ProAccel will provide a leading, state of the art tool for cultivating planning, research, implementation and evaluation. The inspiration for ProAccel arises directly from successful research previously undertaken in the Department of Computer Science at Liverpool John Moores University. The Department has a track record of delivering popular cloud-based modular platforms and composite service platforms; for example, the European-funded ECENTRE and the EU-FP7 European-funded ANIKETOS projects.

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