Lead Participant: BRE UK LIMITED


“planBIM” Overview
“planBIM” brings together a series of technology innovations under a common solution to support the UK Level 2 BIM strategy. It delivers the digital plan of works for the UK sector for five years whilst building up its international and UK customisation capability. "planBIM" provides a freely accessible web-based resource that manages the supply and demand of shared structured asset information. “planBIM” builds on existing world class implementations and will be delivered by developers with an international track record.
"planBIM" is administered as part of the BRE charitable trust activities and supervised by "buildingSMART UKI" whose charters binds it to supporting open, interoperable and inclusive process improvement in the facilities sector. The service is backed by the reputation, neutrality and care for its position in the sector. The selected sub-contracted organisations have an equity stake managed through the collaboration agreements to complement the contractual relationship and ensure a sustainable business model.
BRE’s long standing involvement with buildingSMART UKI, buildingSMART International, ISO, CEN and BSI ensures that the service is a fully compliant implementation of standards and best practices. By implementing ISO 16739 (buildingSMART IFC) ISO 12006 part 3 (buildingSMART IFD) and ISO 27645 (buildingSMART IDM/MVD) it supports the process, structure and data of any BIM based process including those advocated by the UK BIM Strategy.
"planBIM" holds the relevant UK and international best practice content. The content is in two parts. The dictionary part holds all the relevant processes, roles, objects and properties including industry classifications. The requirements part then groups these to define what properties are expected on what objects for which process stages provided from (or to) which roles. The dictionary part ensures that the interface presents only familiar terms and expressions; the requirements part then captures the formal expectations in these terms.
The implementation is based on technology that is already in use to deliver the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bsDD), the buildingSMART Data Model (IFC), the buildingSMART Process management (IDM and MVD) and buildingSMART Certification service (IABI). Specifically “planBIM” exploits AEC3’s “Requirements Management Database” as implemented in established European projects.


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