Cloud Cycle & HS2: Transforming Cement & its Supply Chain with IoT, Machine Learning & Big Data.

Lead Participant: Cloud Cycle Ltd.


The UK cement industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce its emissions profile in line with government targets (net zero 2050) and end-users that a looking for 'low-carbon' concrete solutions. Furthermore, there is a shortage of supply versus demand for cement throughout the UK, whereby 5% of concrete goes to waste on construction projects and Covid19 has exacerbated supply constraints.

Cloud Cycle's innovation looks to address these issues through redistributing surplus concrete onsite, linking into BIM to allow for improved design, procurement and quality control. This project will also allow for the integration of LCA/emissions reporting functionality, improving oversight of full supply-chain emissions from cement production to end-use. Access to this data and capabilities will make the UK cement industry more sustainable and competitive in the face of extreme production challenges caused by Covid19\.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cloud Cycle Ltd. £835,241 £ 584,669


Hs2 Ltd, London


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