Combating Social Isolation through Creative and Community Engagement: COVID and beyond (Community COVID).

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Genetics Evolution and Environment


The coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge increase in the availability of resources designed to inspire and connect us during lockdown. From online singing groups and art classes, to guides for engaging creatively with nature from your window, garden or local park, there are hundreds of resources designed to combat isolation and stimulate creativity at home.

We want to understand how participants engage with these initiatives, such as the Get Creative campaign. We want to know the positive and negative aspects of engaging with creative resources whilst at home, and how this affects participants' lives, their health and their wellbeing. We want to know what works, how and why, so that we can make recommendations about the key ingredients for high quality resources.

We will use participant feedback to generate guidance for organisations to use to help people in their communities, through for example harnessing the power of volunteers to support people who may be less able to access online resources, and we will provide guidance regarding safeguarding, facilitation and accessibility. Finally, by working with participants, providers and partners we will use the learning from this project to enable organisations to support their communities as they adapt to post-lockdown Britain.


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