Hybrid Live: Preserving musical traditions and creating new practices performing over networks

Lead Research Organisation: Goldsmiths College
Department Name: Computing Department


Hybrid Live is a collaboration between the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction (EAVI) unit at Goldsmiths and the Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford, in cooperation with cultural institutions Iklectik Art Lab (London) and SF Jazz (San Francisco). The project will mobilise advanced deep learning technologies and data visualization techniques in order to make remote, network based musical collaboration more fluid and ultimately musical for a broad range of musicians and music students. It will aid cultural institutions in music to respond to urgent issues raised by the COVID19 pandemic, and more generally broaden access and participation to live music. This will be made possible through an innovative hybrid of physically co-present and remote network musical performance, including a transatlantic connection between San Francisco and London.


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