Overview and mapping of the Creative Industries in India

Lead Research Organisation: Loughborough University
Department Name: Loughborough University in London


This study aims to capture and present a comprehensive overview of the Creative Industries sector in India, the research and innovation ecosystem which supports it, and the policy frameworks within which it operates.
This study will:
-Map areas of strength and growth in the Indian Creative Industries and the wider creative economy, mapping these against existing studies which capture UK strengths in Creative Industries research and innovation
-Map the national and, where appropriate, regional policy landscape within which Creative Industries research and innovation operates
-Review the tax and regulatory regime, to test whether, for example, the UK's tax regime for the Creative Industries could be applied onto India's sectors
-Provide an overview of current levels of connectivity between Creative Industries research and innovation systems in the UK and India, including barriers to collaboration
-Identify areas within the Creative Industries where there may be the greatest potential to grow or develop India-UK research and innovation collaboration
-Undertake deep-dives into key opportunity areas, identified through the mapping work.


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