AHRC Impact Acceleration Account

Lead Research Organisation: University of Plymouth
Department Name: School of Society and Culture


The central objective for our AHRC IAA will be to accelerate impact across our Arts and Humanities research base by driving innovative collaborations to create significant sustainable impacts that address key national and global challenges. We will do this by capitalising on our extensive network of partners and schemes to establish new opportunities, overcoming key barriers to impact (such as the relatively low appetite and financial capability for risk-taking within partner organisations in cultural and creative sectors), enabling nascent projects to gain traction and delivering a flexible scheme, allowing researchers to respond quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities. Crucially, our IAA will address a key challenge area for the Faculty in unlocking the commercial, enterprise and IP exploitation potential of our research base.
The aims of our IAA are to:
1. Provide flexible and innovative support for impact; enabling researchers to undertake effective
external engagement at the most appropriate time, to enable fast-tracking of significant ideas
and incubate these effectively.
2. Establish significant impacts which address national and global challenges, particularly around
our three core themes of Digital and technological innovation; improving healthcare, health and
quality of life; developing shared understandings, visions, and actions for a sustainable future.
3. Enhance our institutional capacity for diverse impact pathways through developing and embedding new areas of impact support, especially to establish and embed new pathways
around IP exploitation and commercialisation.
4. Promote a sustainable and open research culture, making our research open access and
embedding responsible innovation centrally within our research and impact ethos.
5. Leverage the time, expertise, audiences, facilities, and funds afforded by our extensive networks for the development of clear benefit to partners/stakeholders, and to attract further external investment.
6. Enable and encourage an increased risk appetite and greater innovation in respect of impact activities both within our research base and external partners.


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